Services We Provide

General Home Inspections


Pre-Listing Home Inspections


Home Assurance Evaluations

(Home Owners)

Up to 3000 square feet  – $250
3500 square feet – $300 
4000 square feet – $350
4500 square feet – $400

Ancillary Inspections Services to be offered in the near future:

  • Home Energy Evaluations – $50
  • Pools and Spas – $50
  • Termites and Other Wood Destroying Organisms – $75

Ancillary Testing to be offered in the near future:

  • Radon – $75
  • Mold – $75
  • Lead – $75
  • Water – $75

What to expect before, during, and after an inspection with us:

– Call or email us at anytime to talk more about your plans so we can assess exactly what services you will require

  • All prices listed above are listed as individual services and discounts may be applied when multiple services are requested

– We will forward you our  Inspection Agreement, Standards of Practice, and Code of Ethic along with your invoice

  • The invoice can be paid via check, credit, or debit and can be provided on site directly before or after the inspection

– We prefer to be accompanied by the individual (s) who have requested our services

  • This will assure you that all house hold systems were inspected and you afforded the opportunity to ask any questions you may have throughout the inspection

– Our inspections are visual and non-invasive; which means we can only inspect what we have access to see

  • Our inspectors will not take any risks that may cause damage to the items within the home or injury to themselves and other present during the inspections
  • If you what all aspects of the home inspected, please be sure all rooms, attics, crawlspaces and house hold systems are easily accessible

The inspection will take between 2-3 hours depending on the size of the property

  • We don’t want to take up too much of your day, but we will take as much time that is needed to perform an detailed and honest inspection

– If any defects are found during the inspections, they will be covered with you on-site so you can see for yourself what we found


– All details noted during the inspection will be noted in the final report which you will receive the same day or shortly thereafter depending   on the outcome of the inspection

  • We know that buying or selling a house is stressful and hearing bad news doesn’t help with that, but our goal is to ensure you make a good decision, not a rushed one with a limited understanding of what you are looking at buying
  • Some defects could be minor and only takes some TLC to set it right
  • Other defects may be small now but could develop into total disasters later

– If you have any questions regarding the report days, months, or years later; please feel free to call us anytime!!


Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice

Our mission is to inspect the following components of your home:

Grounds: Service Walks, Driveways, Stoops/Steps, Patio, and Decks/Balcony

Roof: Condition of roof coverings, flashing, valleys, ventilation, and skylights

Exterior: Chimney, Gutters, Siding, Trim/Soffits/Flashing, Windows, Foundations, Electrical Services, HVAC and drainage systems

Interior Spaces: Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living and Dinning Rooms, Attics, and Basements/Crawlspaces

Interior Systems: Windows, Fireplaces, Stairs/Steps/Balconies, Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide detectors, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Systems